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Heading out to Authors After Dark!

Hi y’all <—(southern for “everyone”)

I can’t believe it’s finally time! I’m heading out to Authors After Dark tomorrow in Savannah, GA, and I plan to have an awesome time. If you’re going to be there, be sure to come say hi at one of my events. Here’s a quick and dirty schedule:

Wed: I’ll be at the welcome event in the Ballroom. YAY!

Thurs: I’ll be on two panels. The first is the contemporary panel at 10am in the “Johnson” Room. (snicker) The second is the “Tropes in BDSM” panel at 3pm, also in the Johnson Room. I also plan to attend the Indie Author event at 5 in the Oglethorpe Room, and then at 9pm I’ll be bouncing my ass off at the Magical Inflatables Carnival Party.  YES.

THEN, it’s time for my big Ghost Walk. This is something you had to sign up for in advance. If you’re coming, YAY! I’ll email you my room number and we’ll meet up at 10:15! We will be wearing these awesome tee shirts:


Fri: I’ll be doing BDSM Bingo in Ballroom C at 5 pm, and then the Vampire Dinner and Ball beginning at 8pm, also in the ballroom. At the Bingo event, I hope to be wearing my “famous” pink floral corset and I’ll also be giving away this totally cool “plausible deniability” basket, lol.


Sat: Come to the Annabel Joseph Meet n Greet n Eat from 9-11am! We’ll have snacks and mimosas and special swag.  Look for the room number posted in the lobby of the hotel.

Then I’ll be at the general book signing from 2-4pm in the ballroom. I’ll have a limited number of books (around 40) and a variety of titles. They’ll be $5 each, cash only. If you don’t have cash or don’t want a paper book, I’ll also have book plates to sign and free pens, bookmarks, free ebook code for my latest release, all that good stuff. Saturday night at 8, I’ll be hosting the Elemental Dinner and Ball. Me and Erin Quinn are in charge of the “spirit” section, but there’s also earth, water, fire, and air.

Sunday…I’ll be in the lobby, probably severely depleted and hung over. I will still smile for pictures though.

So that’s my plans. I hope to see you there! Just look for my red hair.🙂

Snippet Sunday: CARESSA’S KNEES

Well, we continue our backwards review of the Comfort series with the second book, Caressa’s Knees! Rather than hunt up an excerpt, I thought it would be fun to revisit this interview of Kyle Winchell that I did in conjunction with Michelle R. at The Romance Reviews.  It’s been over two years now since the interview was originally posted, so many of you may have missed it the first time. Enjoy!

Book Interview on February 2011 (Click to read at The Romance Reviews site)

Michelle R: **grinning like the Cheshire Cat** 

Welcome dear readers. I am more than a little relieved that you will be joining us via transcript as opposed to in the flesh. Up close and personal, my giddy pre-teen excitement is a frightening thing to behold. I’ll admit, I’ve been stalking Annabel Joseph for a while now hoping to get a little one on one time with a man of mystery and intrigue I met in COMFORT OBJECT, Kyle Winchell. Thank goodness his story is finally being told in her new book, CARESSA’S KNEES, and she is allowing me to drag him out into the limelight so I can have my wicked way with him!!

Hi Kyle, I’m so thrilled to finally have you here. Jeremy was quite the man in Comfort Object, but you were the one I kept craving to learn more about. *pours Kyle a glass of sweet tea* I had this initial plan to get you drunk in hopes of uncovering some of your deep dark secrets. Now, having read your story, I get why Annabel wasn’t very forthcoming with the introductions earlier. Protective much? Would you like to share with every one about what happened in your life after Jeremy and Nell left for the east coast?

Kyle: After Jeremy and Nell went to Boston, I actually kept working for him for another year or so. I logged a lot of air miles, yeah, but that was nothing unusual. It was mainly setting up meetings and managing his L.A. affairs for him so when he came into town every couple weeks, we could get things done quickly and efficiently and get him back on the plane to Boston ASAP.

Michelle: *raises eyebrow to give Kyle the evil eye* Well, from what I hear it wasn’t quite that pretty. I can understand you want to keep the down and dirty private, but admission is the first step, my dear. 

Kyle: Oh, you mean…oh. Yeah. You’re talking about the alcohol, cocaine, and loose women. Okay, yeah, that part of it was pretty ugly. I was fighting a lot of demons during that time. Unsuccessfully. I was working through the trauma of watching Nell and Jeremy ride off into the sunset, and then the guilt about shooting Nell’s assailant, and guilt about a lot of other stuff I did as his assistant. It was a lot to deal with at once.

Michelle: *puts hand over his and pats in comfort* Hun, why didn’t you fight for Nell? Why did you just sit back and watch her be swept away?

Kyle: You know, I think even then I knew there was no point in it. It was obvious from the start that she was lovesick for Jeremy, and Jeremy…well…I knew him better than anyone, and I knew how much he loved her even before he did. He would have fought me tooth and nail for her, and he would have won. They belonged together. A lot of the arguing and sniping I did with Nell was just my frustration about that fact.

Michelle: What about your family. I assume you are close to them. You left Nell and Jeremy during the holidays to be with them in Texas. Why not crawl back to Texas instead of a bottle?

Kyle: Guys in my family don’t pine over women. They just don’t. I could never have explained the whole sordid situation to them anyway. And you know, even when I was hitting the bottle for solace, I wasn’t admitting to myself the real reason I was doing it. I convinced myself I was just partying, living the lifestyle, because in a way I was ashamed I couldn’t get over her.

Michelle: What made you leave the great state of Texas and move to Hollywood in the first place? Seriously, I didn’t know there were Texans who willingly left. 

Kyle: Heh. I don’t know. I guess it’s the whole small-town-boy syndrome. All you think about your entire childhood is getting away. Anywhere. People told me I could make it as a model and I believed them. I got to L.A. and realized a million other guys there could also make it as a model. If Jeremy Gray hadn’t hired me as his assistant, I would have been back on the bus to Spur within a couple weeks.

Michelle: Ok, I want the real skinny. Why in the world did you put up with that man’s crap, err… I mean narcissism? Sure, now that Nell’s got a hold of him, he’s all sweetness and sugar (well, sometimes) but he had you doing some pretty out there things before they hooked up. I mean, I know assistants to the famous are abused, but come on. *shakes head* 

Kyle: At first I put up with his narcissism because it was either do that or give up and go home. Plus I just assumed all stars acted that way. It wasn’t until a few months down the line that I started to recognize the human being under there. And then it was still a few months after that before I realized the narcissism-asshole thing was a total act and that Jeremy was actually hurting. I was slow. Nell realized it right away.

Michelle: So, the whole Dom thing… I know it was an unspoken job requirement to participate in the topping of Jeremy’s subs, but did you…do you… identify yourself as a Dominant?

Kyle: I do identify myself as a Dominant, but like most Dominants, I have my own style and preferences. I watched Jeremy dom girls many times, and while I admired his intensity, he was much more into sadism and humiliation than I was. Which is another reason Nell wasn’t right for me–she was into that stuff too, and I really didn’t have the steel for it. I’d say my preferences lie more along the lines of control than sadism. I love having a girl shaking and begging under me. I love being able to demand something, and have those demands fulfilled without a lot of lip and emotional games. I just love being in control of a willing, horny female. Nothing better.

Michelle: *nods towards her laptop* I was lucky enough to have a peek at your story, CARESSA’S KNEES. I noticed you signed on to be the famed cello prodigy’s assistant. Sugar, you went from the frying pan into the fire. That girl is more of a mess than Jeremy ever was. What is up with her?

Kyle: Caressa is an oddity in that she’s never had an actual normal life. Even as a child, there were practices and performances. She’d never gone to a regular school or been around regular people her age. The world went on around her unnoticed while she focused completely on her talent and her musical career. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy when I met her, and she wasn’t real easy to get along with.

Michelle: How do you go about helping someone like Caressa? How did you make it work?

Kyle: Well, in a way it was Jeremy all over again—only I realized the syndrome much more quickly this time. You know, that the angst and aggression and rudeness was a front for the turmoil she was experiencing inside. Once I realized that, I was able to come up with strategies to help her. Getting her out into the world, trying to engage her emotionally. It was a process, trial and error. We had some bad moments, like any couple. But it got to a point where I realized I was helping her because I loved her, and not just because it was my job. After that there was no real question of making it work. I was in it for the long run.

Michelle: I had such a great time going to Spur, Texas with the two of you and meeting your family. You all seem pretty close, tell me about them. 

Kyle: My family are pretty simple people. Born and bred Texans, who live for country, family, and friends. My dad works as a tree surgeon, and he’s known to be a little reckless. My mom is calmer, kind of the yin to my dad’s yang. She was always a rock, always super dependable. I think all of us kids ended up with the best of both worlds, because we learned my mom’s organization and fortitude, and got a good dose of daring and recklessness too from my dad’s side.

Michelle: Your great-grandmother cracked me up! She is one honest woman and I hope she never starts editing what she says. What did Caressa think of her? 

Kyle: It was actually really endearing the way Great-Grandma and Caressa hit it off. I think Caressa was afraid of her at first, just because Great-Grandma can be so random and weird, but in the end I think both of them realized they were kindred spirits. Impulsive, sometimes strange, and often judged. They had that common experience they shared.

Michelle: If the two of you settled down and had kids, would you want to raise them in Spur?

Kyle: It depends on where Caressa goes professionally in the coming years. If she wanted to settle down and raise kids in Spur, that would be fantastic. If she wanted to keep performing and recording, we might need to live closer to New York, but even then, I think Spur would be home base at least a couple months a year.

Michelle: Have you realized you are in a polyamorous / menage relationship with a cello and the cello is getting more time in between Caressa’s legs? 

Kyle: I am insanely jealous of the cello.

Michelle: Caressa has been all over the world, but she hasn’t really seen the world. Where would you like to take her? You seem to be quite the romantic. I don’t want to give it away, but the place you took her to in Spur was unforgettable. So with the world to explore, where to now?

Kyle: Honestly, I have a constant compulsion to take Caressa away from civilization and people and pressure and just let her be wild. I picture taking her to a deserted island somewhere and letting her run naked with flowers in her hair, making sandcastles and scaling trees for coconuts. She’d do it, too. Or I picture taking her out to some expansive moor in Scotland or England, and watching her run across the field with her hair streaming behind her and the wind at her back. Or taking her out to some remote mountain cabin somewhere with a wonderful view and just keeping her naked and horny there among the trees. I guess that’s not really allowing her to “see the world” so to speak, but, I mean, she’s seen the world already. What she’s missed is all the little, everyday experiences of being alive and carefree.

Michelle: You really have had quite a journey the last few years. What have you learned? Or maybe I should ask how has it changed you?

Kyle: I’ve learned that people are endlessly complex, and that life is what you make it. I’ve learned to put my foot down about some things, but to let other things go. I’ve learned that love and sanity don’t always go together. But sanity is overrated.

Michelle: As I read CARESSA’S KNEES, I decided you must be one of the most romantic men on the planet. Women all over are going to be swooning for you. Is there any little romantic gesture you’ve done for Caressa that isn’t in the book that you would be willing to share with us? Maybe something that has happened since the story ended or something that might have ended up on the editing floor? 

Kyle: I’m that combination of being romantic and a huge planner. I never make little romantic gestures, always larger, intricately planned romantic gestures. That’s one of the things I do when I’m sitting in the wings watching her play, plan stuff to do for her. And to her.

Anyway, every day with Caressa is romantic. Little romantic gestures? Well, I kiss and hug on her constantly, does that count?

Michelle: How about some of those short, fun questions they like to do on talk shows? It will be painless, I promise. Favorite song?

Kyle: Okay, it’s really sappy, but Amazed by Lonestar. I belt it out to Caressa at the top of my lungs every so often. She runs away until I’m done.

Michelle: Favorite food?

Kyle: Salad. Is that not a masculine answer?

Michelle: Greatest weakness?

Kyle: I can be a little bossy. And OCD.

Michelle: You have an afternoon to yourself and one wish, what would it be?

Kyle: Exclusive spa. The whole shebang. Rubdowns, soaks, mani, pedi, facial, grooming, more rubdowns. What can I say? There’s a raging metrosexual inside me.

Michelle: If you could change one thing in your past without changing the rest of the future, what would it be?

Kyle: I would have skipped the year I spent blitzed out on drugs and alcohol. In hindsight I’m lucky things didn’t turn out so much worse for me. I’m lucky I ended up where I am.

Michelle: * extends hand to Kyle* Kyle, thank you so much for sitting down and helping to clarify the man behind all the fame. You were such an enigma in COMFORT OBJECT. It’s been a joy to get to know you better in CARESSA’S KNEES as well as during our time together today. Your life has been quite the journey. I hope you, Caressa, Jeremy and Nell continue to be blessed. And thanks again for letting Annabel share your story with us. 

There you have it readers, from small town Texas boy to a salad luvin’ dom and assistant to the stars, Kyle Winchell has finally stepped into the limelight to let us get to know him a little better. He and Caressa have the sweetest tale I’ve read in a long, long time. Certainly there were challenges as I am sure you can tell, but isn’t anything of value that way?

Click for blurb and buy links

Snapshot Sunday–and some big news


Well, there had to be a bondage photo this week. This photo is from my Hall of Hotness and was created by the inimitable artist MaillerPhong (click to see more of Mailler’s work!).

WHY did I have to share a bondage image this week? Because I’m going to be one of the authors in BEST BONDAGE EROTICA 2014!!


I am so ridiculously excited about this. Look at the awesome cover. That guy’s hand coming in from the left like, oooh, you’re gonna get some sexin in a minute, baby, as soon as I have you tied up hard enough. And a foreword by Laura Antoniou, the author of the Marketplace series? Amazing!

Best Bondage Erotica 2014 will be out in January 2014. It’s an anthology of HAWT bondage short stories, including my Victorian bondage roleplay fantasy, The Neckcloth. One of the reasons I’m so excited is that I’ve read Rachel Kramer Bussel’s erotic anthologies for years, since before I started writing my own erotica, so to actually be IN one of them is such a thrill. The paperback is already up for pre-order at Amazon. (Click here for preorder page!) I’m sure it will eventually be available for Kindle and other e-readers too, and with Rachel editing it, you KNOW it’s gonna be tons of hot erotic yumminess. Plus, they’re short stories, ie, perfect masturbation length.

(Trust me on this one. I know.)

Anyway, I hope you will all celebrate with me and help me spread the word in January so everyone can get their Victorian roleplay bondage sexin on. I just signed the contract from Cleis Press on Friday so I’m celebrating.

I do still have one more big piece of news to share…can’t yet. I hope I can soon. I’m also done with preliminary edits on Fever Dream and I have the blurb here on my Fever Dream book page (which you can also access from the Books tab.) I hope to have this Waking Kiss sequel to you by late September. Early October at the latest!

coming soon

So much going on! And Authors After Dark next week…

Thanks to everyone for stopping by on this special Snapshot Sunday, and if I am scarce the next couple weeks, I apologize. I can’t wait for fall and all the great things coming up.

Snippet Sunday: ODALISQUE

Well, I did Command Performance for the last Snippet Sunday. Now it looks like I’m doing the Comfort series backwards!

I was in an Odalisque mood today. One thing I enjoyed about Odalisque was how laid back Constance and Kai were. They had a few big problems, but they didn’t let them get to them, especially when they were together. Their biggest problem, I suppose, was when their “arranged” relationship started to turn into love.

I picked out this passage near the beginning to share, when Constance first comes to live with Kai as his odalisque. I love how they are both so excited.

     Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai… She knew his name in her head, felt it on her tongue, although she was too embarrassed to attempt to say it. She’d practiced it in her room the last month, touching her lips, trying to form the right sounds, which wasn’t easy when you couldn’t hear them. She touched him now, utterly fascinated with the feel of his skin, the hardness of his body. His cock stroked her in the perfect spot, with the perfect rhythm. She was suffused by pleasure and enthralled by his confident possession of her. She had worried a little, that things might be awkward when she arrived here. Or that, God, he might change his mind about wanting her.

     But he seemed very pleased to have her. His movements were controlled and yet some thread of wildness snaked and grew between them. He squeezed her breasts, hurting her, making her moan and arch toward him for more of the shocking ache. She ground her clit against the wiry hair at the base of his cock, sparking singing sensation. Ironic, that her independence would come to her through this subjugation. Through being his. His to use, his to possess. More ironic still that she basked in every moment of it.

     She gasped for breath and clung to him, thrusting wildly in answer to his own roughness. She tensed her thighs just at the edge of the precipice, and then tumbled into orgasm in a shattering rush. Pleasure washed over her, rendering her helpless. He dug his knees into the bed and bore her down, down, down, impaling her without mercy. She could feel him clutching the fabric of her skirt, not letting her move one centimeter beneath him. He shuddered over her and came to rest, his hands moving up to her shoulders. He pressed his face against hers and laid still, his cock pulsing inside her.

     Kai. She almost whispered it, but words had such power. Be on guard. A moment later he pulled away, lounged back to rest on the pillows beside her. From the sudden rise and fall of his chest, she thought perhaps he sighed. He licked his lips and looked over at her with an expression she couldn’t place, and then he kissed her so she couldn’t keep thinking about it. When he pulled away, he ran his long, tapered fingers over the buttons of her blouse.

     “So…do the clothes come off now?”

     “Whatever you want,” she signed. “Always.”

     “Except on your day off. When is your day off?”

     She shrugged and signed again. “Whichever day you prefer.”

     “So I’m in charge from here on out. Is that what you’re saying?”

     Her gaze left his lips to meet his eyes and smile. She knew he didn’t really expect an answer. He dipped his head and kissed her again, undressing her slowly, taking a while to stroke and trace her stockings before he finally drew them off. He gathered her close then, so close. She basked in his warmth, his gentleness, his leashed strength and the comforting breadth of his chest. He tipped her face up to his.

     “I can hardly believe you’re finally here.”

If you haven’t read the book, Constance signs because she’s deaf and chooses not to speak. Well, only on very limited occasions. I liked Constance and Kai a lot and while I was writing their story, everything just seemed to fit, because they fit so well together. I hope you’ll read Odalisque if you haven’t yet. Click the cover below to find a blurb and buy links!

click for blurb and buy links

People I hugged when I crashed RWA13 last week…

As many of you know, I live in Ye Olde Atlanta, Georgia, which happened to play host to the Romance Writers of America’s National Conference last week. If you saw all the #RWA13 hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, that’s what that was all about.

I didn’t buy a ticket to attend the conference because I’m rather a shrinking violet. I know, it’s hard to believe but I am very socially awkward. I also have a crippling fear of tall hotels, elevators, and crowds. I think it’s called Conferenceaphobia or something like that. Anyway, I HAVE IT.

Therefore, I only crashed the conference for one night, the night of the Passionate Ink party, since it could be purchased as a separate event. And guess who all I got to hug?

Eden Bradley (Amazing!)

Robin L. Rotham (Mega-Mistress!)

Shoshanna Evers (Such a hottie)

Amber Lin (OMGGG! YAY!)

Sarah Frantz (of Alphabet Editing)

Jenna Barton (My local author pal)

Venessa Giunta (who edited Comfort Object, Firebird, AND Owning Wednesday for me at Loose Id!)

People I only hugged with my eyes:

Tiffany Reisz (Her eyes are beautiful! I could barely talk! She gave me bookmarks!)

Damon Suede (hawt)

And I am not forgetting my local author friends. Me, Renee Regent, Linzy Antoinette, Chhaya Delaine, Ny Corson, and Lanie S. Flin headed over to the Georgia RWA chapter’s DJ party after Passionate Ink wrapped up. I think it is safe to say we got the party started. By “got the party started” I mean “took to the dance floor and acted like fools.” That is me on the left.


We had a lot of fun. I may or may not have lip synched into an imaginary microphone to Call Me Maybe while completely stone-cold sober. I know I sang Icona Pop’s “I Love It” at the top of my lungs as some quite old ladies watched me from across the room, thanking their lucky stars that they had more dignity than me. Perhaps they disapproved of the way me and all my friends were whapping each other’s asses with the free riding crops we got at the Passionate Ink party. Who knows? Anyway, we had a blast.

Will I ever attend RWA in earnest? I don’t know. Never say never. If I do, I’m bringing a mask next time to disguise my identity because my dancing is quite awful, if heartfelt.

I will be attending Authors After Dark next month in Savannah, and I hope to have lots of photos and fun stories to tell when that’s over. Then in October, I’ll be traveling to the Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Eroticon USA, right here in Atlanta. This shrinking violet is going to have to come out of her shell, I guess.

As long as music is playing, and there are wonderful people to hug, I think I’ll be okay…


(Many thanks to wonderful Lanie for the pictures!)

Snapshot Sunday: Foot Fetish

Heh, not THAT kind of foot fetish. I mean, this is Annabel we’re talking about, so they’re a certain kind of feet–BALLET FEET!

Rubio and Petra

I would give attribution for this photo but the truth is I found it online years ago and haven’t been able to uncover its origin, even using services like Tin Eye. It’s on my desktop at the moment because in my imagination those black shoes belong to The Great Rubio, and the pointe shoes belong to a ballerina named Petra. If you read Waking Kiss, you’re already acquainted with Rubio, and you’ll meet Petra in the upcoming sequel, Fever Dream.

Rubio and Petra have a…what’s the word for it…complex relationship as dance partners. By complex I mean they are sexing it up and down and sideways while trying to work out a bunch of complicated issues.

Fever Dream is in edits right now, and I hope to release it in late September or early October. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Fever Dream