Just sharing a photo today…

I came across this photo in a Google search and I fell in love with it. (Would offer attribution but I don’t know the original source. Please let me know if you do.)

It reminds me very much of the two ballet-themed BDSM romances I’m working on right now… Waking Kiss and Fever Dream. I did set up a Waking Kiss page here where you can see the cover and read the blurb (click).

Hope you’ll check it out!

Dancers are so sexy...


  1. You notice the guy never has to wear toe shoes. Wonder how long he is going to support her in that position? I loved the videos you posted last year of the dancers taken from the dancers point of view. Trying to keep as they seem to float and fly across the stage is breathtaking (and dreamlike).

    • Oh yes, I remember that video, it was cool. I’ll have to go watch it again. I do love ballet but I think the partnering aspect of dance fascinates me even more. Whenever I go to the ballet I have to sit in the first few rows because I want to see every single grasp and eye contact and expression of the partnered dancers. It’s like crack to me!

      And if they don’t have good chemistry I’m totally devastated, lol.

  2. Dear Annabel, Loved the picture shown as book cover…beautiful and romantic. The story blurb has me feeling a bit impatient!! Kelly

    • Thanks Kelly. I am doing some more polishing on the story this morning. I think I’m going to be very proud of it. A lot of emotion in this one…

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