Beautiful Photo Sunday

I know, I know, my ballet kick has been ridiculous lately. I’m about to dive into final edits for Waking Kiss (expected release is still mid-June) but today instead of Snippet Sunday I wanted to share this amazing photo from Paul Tirado Photography that showed up in my Instagram feed this week.

photo by Paul Tirado

Just…sigh. One of the characters in Waking Kiss and Fever Dream is a Brazilian dancer named Rubio and this man evokes him so much for me. (The model is Alexander Fost.) I always hesitate to put a face to characters but in this case it’s more the quality and composition of the photo that I love. Maybe you will stop by Mr. Tirado’s site to see some of his other work. It’s very beautiful.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Sigh…are you going to put preorders up soon? There is seriously nothing like waking up in the morning to see your Kindle populate with the next book you MUST READ. Better than Christmas…

  2. Oh Annabel, that guy needs a cheeseburger! My daughter has been a dancer for years and the guys in her company are so much healthier looking. Maybe it’s because I cater home cooked meals a couple of times a week? Lol. It’s not just men who don’t like a bone…

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