Snapshot Sunday: Dom-Style Lovin’

Hi everyone! Yes, it’s “snapshot” Sunday, rather than Snippet Sunday. Finding good snippets is fun and I love sharing about my books, but I also love sharing pictures that bemuse or inspire me.

To that end, this is the inaugural Snapshot Sunday (**FANFARE!!!!**) and perhaps, going forward, I can alternate between snippets and snapshots. I thought we’d start things off with a lovely photo of Daniel Craig (as James Bond) giving some lovin’ to the beautiful Eva Green in Casino Royale. Mmm…note the biceps, the dominant position…the mind wanders…

Enjoy the yumminess!

me next!


  1. That’s a great inaugural snapshot for me, not only because Daniel light my fire too, but I think Eva is my lesbian boob crush or something like that 😀

  2. LOVE that movie. He is incredibly hot in it. Oh HELL yes. That scene where he gets out of the water. Oh and the one in the cane chair. I winced. Wanted to “help.” Um. British-accented hunks, FTW.

    • oh..shudder…I can’t watch that one scene. But he was so amazing in this movie. I’ve seen it so many times!!! What a beautiful man he is. RAWR!!

    • Yeah I wanted to kiss his boo boos too after the cane chair incident. His body is to die for just right just about every where and a butt just made for biting.

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