Heading out to Authors After Dark!

Hi y’all <—(southern for “everyone”)

I can’t believe it’s finally time! I’m heading out to Authors After Dark tomorrow in Savannah, GA, and I plan to have an awesome time. If you’re going to be there, be sure to come say hi at one of my events. Here’s a quick and dirty schedule:

Wed: I’ll be at the welcome event in the Ballroom. YAY!

Thurs: I’ll be on two panels. The first is the contemporary panel at 10am in the “Johnson” Room. (snicker) The second is the “Tropes in BDSM” panel at 3pm, also in the Johnson Room. I also plan to attend the Indie Author event at 5 in the Oglethorpe Room, and then at 9pm I’ll be bouncing my ass off at the Magical Inflatables Carnival Party.  YES.

THEN, it’s time for my big Ghost Walk. This is something you had to sign up for in advance. If you’re coming, YAY! I’ll email you my room number and we’ll meet up at 10:15! We will be wearing these awesome tee shirts:


Fri: I’ll be doing BDSM Bingo in Ballroom C at 5 pm, and then the Vampire Dinner and Ball beginning at 8pm, also in the ballroom. At the Bingo event, I hope to be wearing my “famous” pink floral corset and I’ll also be giving away this totally cool “plausible deniability” basket, lol.


Sat: Come to the Annabel Joseph Meet n Greet n Eat from 9-11am! We’ll have snacks and mimosas and special swag.  Look for the room number posted in the lobby of the hotel.

Then I’ll be at the general book signing from 2-4pm in the ballroom. I’ll have a limited number of books (around 40) and a variety of titles. They’ll be $5 each, cash only. If you don’t have cash or don’t want a paper book, I’ll also have book plates to sign and free pens, bookmarks, free ebook code for my latest release, all that good stuff. Saturday night at 8, I’ll be hosting the Elemental Dinner and Ball. Me and Erin Quinn are in charge of the “spirit” section, but there’s also earth, water, fire, and air.

Sunday…I’ll be in the lobby, probably severely depleted and hung over. I will still smile for pictures though.

So that’s my plans. I hope to see you there! Just look for my red hair. 🙂


  1. Ahn… I was ready to ask about “famous” pink floral corset <3. But my eyes were tunnel vision for "Plausible Deniability Basket" and that PAPERBACK FORTUNE ?!! *makes happy dance* Ryan on the paper, Ryan on the paper!!

    I want to officially apologise for all people that works in Ellora's Cave and say that my jinx for their next 7 generations is retired. People in Loose ID, I'm sorry, but you guys will only be free after Owning Wednesday Paperback release. 😀

  2. Well, I can put out an Owning Wednesday paperback copy, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. But I will! I need to find a cover because this will be my own print release, not Loose Ids. But I like their cover. Maybe I can have someone create something similar.

      • That’s a good question! I guess it would be best to have the Loose Id one, only so people don’t get confused.

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